What To Do When A 3 Month Old Child Has A Cough?

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Good morning .. r n Immediately my child is 3 months old walking 4 months now again has a dry cough, previously I coughed with phlegm and only occasionally coughed so because I was afraid that I would continue to be a midwife. After a few days I coughed so it was a dry cough and the cough was a bit too itchy in my throat … But I have a cough so I don’t have a fever or even a cold … I don’t have the heart to cough until her eyes are red and sometimes vomiting … what should I do to break it or if I can get rid of it .. r nPlease answer me because I can’t bear to see the cough 🙁

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Coughing in babies the possible causes are many. If this cough appears continuously without a fever or cold, then most likely the cause is allergies. Indeed, some people have an excessive sensitivity to the inhalation of substances from the air, such as dust, pollen, mold spores, animal fleas, fur, and so on. It could also be, this allergy is triggered by other substances that enter the body through a route other than the respiratory tract, for example cow's milk allergy, cold allergy, and so on. An immune system abnormality that mistakenly considers the entry of these substances into the body as dangerous causes the body to produce certain chemical mediators that modulate the appearance of allergic symptoms, including narrowing of the airway and increased mucus production that ultimately triggers coughing. This condition is thought to be closely related to genetic factors. Not only coughs, allergies can also make babies runny nose, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, experience skin rashes, itching, swelling, and other symptoms.

Not only allergies, it could also be that your baby's cough is due to other triggers, such as:

Respiratory tract irritation, for example due to inhalation of smoke or other chemicals Respiratory tract infections, for example due to viruses or bacteria Aspiration (choking on substances other than air into the respiratory tract) Acid reflux congenital heart disease Congenital immune system weakness, etc. Preferably, if complaints recur very long, you don't let it drag on. Get your baby checked directly to a doctor or pediatrician so that they can be further evaluated for possible causes of the cough. Chances are, for a cough that has been going on for months, the doctor will also carry out further tests, for example X-rays, blood tests, Mantoux test, and so on. If the allergic origin is true, then this condition actually cannot be cured. Treatment of coughs caused by allergies is more generally aimed at relieving symptoms. However, the rest, the definitive treatment for cough that occurs due to allergies is to avoid the trigger factors. You can help overcome the cough that your baby has with the following steps:

Give your baby exclusive breastfeeding so that his immune system is well maintained Avoid breastfeeding while lying down or using a pacifier to prevent the risk of aspiration Burp after feeding Improve the environment where the baby lives, keep it away from pollutants and other airborne irritants Make sure your baby does not stay in the environment too long cold and polluted Avoid your baby from adults who have a cold cough Dry the baby every morning before 9 o'clock for 10 to 15 minutes to help thin the mucus in his respiratory tract Do not carelessly give the baby cough medicine without a doctor's prescription Hope it helps yes ..

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