What To Do When You Have Physical Contact With A COVID-19 Positive Person?

Illustration of What To Do When You Have Physical Contact With A COVID-19 Positive Person?
Illustration: What To Do When You Have Physical Contact With A COVID-19 Positive Person?

Good night doc. Permission to ask .. I just got word that my lecturer was positive covid 19 and I before he could shake hands and was in the same room with him. Do I have to have a check up? At the moment I don’t have any symptoms and it’s already 21st day since I shook hands with my lecturer. What should I do?

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Hello Irma Damayanthi,

Covid-19 (corona virus disease) is a disease caused by infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus (the newest type of corona virus). Based on medical research, the available evidence shows that the transmission of this virus by:

Droplets from coughing, sneezing, talking positive sufferer Covid-19 that is inhaled by you (entering the respiratory tract). This droplet is heavy so it cannot travel long distances in the air, at most it can only reach 1-2 meters and then fall and contaminate the surface of objects.
Prevention: use a mask, people who cough should practice the ethics of correct cough (wear a mask or cover with a tissue then throw it in the trash and wash your hands or cough to the inside of the arm not to the hands because the hands will touch many objects), physical distancing (distance between people at least 1-2 meters) and avoid crowds, stay home don't go out if you don't have to

Your hand touches a virus contaminated object, then the hand touches the nasal mucosa, mouth, or eye.
Prevention: wash hands frequently with running water + soap or with alcohol-based hand washers, do not touch the face with hands that have not been washed, periodically clean the surfaces of objects with disinfectant, replace and wash clothes that are worn from outside the home upon arrival at home

From the research, the symptoms of Covid-19 generally appear within 14 days (upper limit) after the patient is infected (the virus enters the body). If there have been no symptoms for 21 days then you may not have been infected by the lecturer or when you have contact with the lecturer, he has not been infected. The criteria for the examination used were one contact with a Covid-19 sufferer within the past 14 days.

There are almost no Covid-19 patients who are truly asymptomatic, many of whom are patients with mild symptoms, such as feeling fever, sore throat, aching body or fatigue, which is then ignored by the patient, so the patient stays out of the house and transmits it to other people around him when he coughs / sneezes. Therefore, the main prevention now that you can do is: isolation / quarantine independently, avoid contact with others if not necessary, physical distancing, use a mask if you have to leave the house / being coughed (even with a cloth mask enough if washed after each use / replaced + wash when it is wet), and the application of clean and healthy living behavior (PHBS). What is the goal? Because when you leave the house in a crowd, you can no longer guess who was ill at the time and potentially contracting from other people and becoming ill Covid-19 in the future.

When at home, read information about Covid-19 from trusted sites such as WHO, CDC, the official website of the Indonesian Ministry of Health for Covid-19. Some HealthReplies.com articles have also discussed Covid-19. Do not easily believe the news on social media or hoaxes that circulate.

Covid-19 disease is a self limiting disease, can heal itself because of the body's immunity. Treatment is needed for those who have severe symptoms such as high fever, shortness of breath, elderly patients, patients with comorbidities, or immune disorders due to the potential for severe manifestations of Covid-19 such as severe pneumonia, systemic infections, organ failure to death.

Please call the 119 ext 9 or 112 hotline or the Covid-19 hotline provided by the local government if you have a fever> 38 degrees Celsius, one of the symptoms of Covid-19 breathing, in the last 14 days there is a history of contact with sufferers / suspected Covid-19 or in Last 14 days domiciled / traveled to the area by local transmission.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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