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I have been cold for three days, my body is weak and my head is also dizzy. I wonder why?

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The presence of complaints of a cold mouth, dizziness, body weakness, may be related to your psychic influence or decreased stamina. The existence of complaints of weakness, cold and dizziness is often caused by blood flow that does not optimally meet the energy and nutritional needs of your body. Similarly, the effect of decreased stamina. So to remedy this complaint, it is necessary to identify the most likely cause.

If indeed you feel these complaints increase when you feel stressed or anxious, then preventing anxiety and stress will help you reduce these complaints. If it turns out that this complaint arises due to physical fatigue or decreased stamina, then restore your stamina by getting enough rest. So that by knowing the triggers of the complaint that you feel, then you will easily prevent these complaints from increasing or appearing.

In addition to complaints of cold, dizziness, and body weakness, some other accompanying complaints can also be felt, such as:

 Cold sweat Nausea Stomach stomach Headache Trembling One or more of the above complaints can be felt and accompanying other complaints. This can happen if the cause of the complaint is not immediately controlled and is not immediately restored. Increasingly your complaints eat the recovery you need usually requires a longer time.

Apart from being caused by stress or decreased stamina, several other medical conditions can also cause almost the same complaints, such as:

 Lack of sleep Early inflammation of the throat Lack of adequate water intake Often too late to eat Gastric or digestive disorders Dehydration Because some other medical conditions can provide similar complaints, so to ensure the cause of this complaint you should consult and check directly with your doctor, especially if the complaint the more you feel the more it bothers you. Consult your doctor by telephone or online during the Corona infection alert period, unless your doctor recommends seeing you in person.

By consulting directly with your doctor, the doctor can provide advice or recommendations to help you with your recovery.

For an independent business you can do:

 Avoid sleeping late You can walk warm water to refresh your body Enough water and healthy foods Avoid spicy foods and instant foods Do light exercise Thus the info we can convey.

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