What Vitamins Can Increase The Weight Of A 1 Year Old Child?

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Good evening, I want my son to be 11 months old. For my child’s weight, it still hasn’t increased from the age of 8 months, which is 6.5 kg, but the child’s condition is very active and now they want to learn jln. It’s hard to eat rice, but I force it to be eaten at least once a day, and for snacks and fruit, it’s always eaten every day. I’m always sad that the midwife always scolds the midwife at the posyandu because the child doesn’t change. Mhon, what are the vitamins for my child to help me with, my child’s current condition doesn’t want to be supportive. Mhon jwban’y, because he helped me so much. Thank you in advance

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Hello good morning Mrs. Rose.

According to the WHO growth curve, the normal body weight for girls aged 11 months is 7 kg to 11 kg, while for boys aged 11 months is 7.5 kg to 11.5 kg. Thus, your child's weight can be categorized as underweight. Before rushing to give supplements to children, it would be better to know in advance what factors make the child's weight not increase, whether it is due to wrong eating habits, the amount of food intake that is not proportional to the child's activities, or due to other conditions. as:

the child has certain infections such as tuberculosis (pulmonary tuberculosis, glandular tuberculosis, etc.)
children often experience diarrhea
children often experience recurrent infections, such as frequent coughs and colds
the child has a worm infection
children have certain diseases that inhibit the absorption of nutrients, such as heart disease, problems with food absorption disorders (malabsorption)
thyroid hormone problems
growth hormone problems

It is recommended that you first check your child's condition with a pediatrician or a growth and development clinic to ascertain the condition your child is experiencing, whether it is purely due to wrong eating habits and lack of intake, or is it due to other factors. Therefore, giving supplements or vitamins will be useless if the cause is a disease and the disease is not treated. Mothers also need to pay attention that supplements / vitamins only function to help increase children's appetite, not the only way to increase children's weight, ma'am ..

The doctor will explore the complaints and medical history of your child, carry out a physical examination, and support examinations if necessary. These investigations include lung x-rays (if you suspect TB infection), stool examination (if you suspect worm infections and food absorption disorders), blood tests (if you suspect a chronic infection), etc.

Here are some tips and tricks for getting around children who have difficulty eating:

create a pleasant dining atmosphere, for example eating with peers. This can increase the child's appetite
do not drink too much before the scheduled meal, as this can make the child too full
Do not feed the child before bedtime, because when the child is sleepy, the child becomes bored quickly with food and has difficulty eating
keep the television, toys, cellphone, or other gadgets away during the meal schedule, so that the child's focus is not divided
Introduce your baby to finger food, which is a small food that is easy to hold and eat alone. For example:

bananas, mangoes, melons, pears, etc. are cut into small pieces
Tofu or soft diced cheese in small sizes that are easy to grip
boiled eggs that have been cut into small pieces
vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and broccoli that are cooked, cut into small pieces

That's all, hopefully useful and hopefully help ya ma'am .. :)

Greetings, dr. Denisa

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