What Ways Can Improve Brain Performance To Full Concentration

Illustration of What Ways Can Improve Brain Performance To Full Concentration
Illustration: What Ways Can Improve Brain Performance To Full Concentration

Hello doc, since I was a child, it was hard to concentrate, so my friends and even my parents called me stupid, but I was sure I was not stupid because when I was a child up to 7 years old, I always made it to the top 3. Until now I could not think clearly, as a result I made a lot of mistakes, so I was inferior and always avoided the crowd, I preferred to be alone, I became uncomfortable when there were many people … was there a solution if there was a request to help me

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Hello Fahri

Many factors make it difficult for someone to concentrate, for example because it is easily distracted if there are other objects such as sound or something that moves, or it could be due to the burden of thought so that constantly thinking about the burden of the mind is not focused on doing the activities being carried out

How to learn each individual is different there are those who prefer to listen or be taught by others but there are also those who prefer to read, and there are also those who prefer to directly demonstrate it or practice. So Try Fahri do every way of learning to determine where Fahri feels more suitable to do it, because if forced to do other people's way of learning will certainly not optimal learning process Fahri.

Besides that, Fahri can focus on learning by making Fahri's learning environment comfortable, namely by keeping the cell phone away from Fahri so that attention is not distracted every time there is a reminder / notification on the phone, preparing all learning equipment so as not to go back and forth to take these tools , and motivate yourself to achieve something and promise to get something, such as Fahri fasting to play games or social media on mobile phones and trying to get scores above 70 (a scale of 100 is a perfect value) for math scores, if successful then Fahri will be able to play games or play social media again. Do it in stages, so do not immediately make a target too high that is difficult to achieve, but do it gradually if the value of 70 has been achieved, then the next target is to reach above 75 so that Fahri is motivated to continue learning.

If Fahri is still confused about what kind of learning method, Fahri can consult with the teacher first, because he already knows the condition of Fahri during the course of the school year, he may be able to provide appropriate direction to determine the learning method suitable for Fahri. However, if you are still having difficulty, don't hesitate to consult this matter with Fahri's parents so that you can consult a psychologist to study the appropriate learning method for Fahri.

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