What Will Happen If Muscle Tone Is Abnormal?

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• If the leukocyte yield decreases, what will happen? And what will happen if muscle tone is not nomal? If the widal TO 1/80 and AO 1/60 results, what will happen and how will it return to normal?

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Leukocytes are a component of blood that functions as the body's immunity. However, it is important to remember that laboratory examination is a supporting examination that cannot be made a reference without direct clinical judgment. Generally, a decrease in leukocyte value is associated with a viral infection.

Muscle tone is a muscle contraction that is maintained by the muscle itself. Abnormal tone can be in the form of increased tone as in cramps or muscle spasms, whereas tone is decreased as in the condition of muscle atrophy

Widal examination is a supporting examination that is often done if there is an obstruction to the typhus. Titer values ​​1/60 and 1/80 are not significant to be declared typhus infected. This often happens when consuming food with hygiene that is not maintained and only stated positive if there is an increase in titer value as much as 4x times the previous reference value.

In the meantime what you can do include:

Maintain food cleanliness
Increase fluid intake
Increase fiber intake such as fruits and vegetables
While maintaining a healthy and regular diet
Sleep and rest enough
Exercise regularly and regularly
Manage stress

If your complaint does not improve or you are worried you should check with your nearest doctor for further examination and treatment related to your condition

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