When Anxiety Tends To Control Yourself?

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The existence of complaints of anxiety and excessive worry that causes an uncomfortable body reaction, so to avoid self diagnosis requires a direct visit to your health care professional / psychiatrist or psychologist. This is needed to get face to face information directly and get a physical examination and an appropriate psychiatry. So dianosa certainly can be enforced and carried out appropriate control of this complaint.
However, however, due to the tremor, unfocused, tightness, heart beat, nervousness, or unclear speech, it is generally a reasonable response that you experience in terms of your psychic response to worries, anxiety that has implications for the body's response you. This condition often occurs in patients who lack confidence in facing different situations. Supposedly, from your information, you have an important issue in the environment around you, so your abilities may be needed in dealing with problems that arise, provide education, or complete tasks that cannot be done by others, because you are considered capable. However, because this may not be accustomed to and you have not trained it, then your body's response you can not control properly. This usually starts with negative thoughts that arise in your mind before all of this begins, so that these negative thoughts lead you to the possibility of mistakes and disappointed thoughts from people around you. If negative thoughts overwhelm you, then your efforts and positive responses that you will do will always be blocked by these negative thoughts, therefore, for the beginning, you can identify what happens when you will meet other people or influential people , standing in public, receiving certain news; Identify and recognize the reposn of your mind and heart. Thus, you can prepare yourself from the beginning and plan what bodily responses and what mind responses you will encourage, such as: if you will go forward in public, if you judge, that what appears the first time you will advance is that people will laugh at You, or dissatisfied with your material, or you speak unclearly, then prepare yourself with positive thoughts, and positive steps, namely by making the material flow, making the discussion flow, knowing who the audience is, how the focus is, and thinking positively that the material You are very useful to others, others will hear you, and your material is important for science. All of this is an effort against mastering negative thoughts about your shortcomings. In addition, practicing it as often as possible in public will accustom your body to recognize the pressure that will be encountered.
However, if all this you can not control with optimal effort, then you should find professional, such as a psychologist or psychologist. The doctor will conduct an interview related to your complaint, and the effort you have made. Next the doctor will do a physical and psychiatric examination to ensure there are no other diseases that accompany, such as adjustment disorders, depression, phobia, post traumatic stress disorder, or thyroid disease or heart disease. The results of the examination will be a reference for doctors in providing care and treatment, thus, supervision will be given to help you adjust.
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