When Can Babies Start On Their Stomach?

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Illustration: When Can Babies Start On Their Stomach? babysleepsite.com

, I want to ask my daughter, she is almost 4 months old, how come it can’t be tilted or prone. What is still in normal limits.

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Growth and development of babies must be monitored, especially in the first 2 years of age. Growth is assessed from the body which increases in height and weight increases each month. Whereas infant development is defined as the increase in infant body function which is assessed from gross, fine, language and social motor movements.
Prone is one of the gross motor development. Prone has a variety of benefits in the process of developing a baby, including strengthening the muscles around the neck, back, shoulders, hands to feet. In this process, the baby can also practice coordination between the movements of the feet, hands and body and practice his visual abilities. Usually the baby will go through a gradual process which consists of being able to lift his own head, face down, sit down, stand up and then learn to walk as he gets older in his first year.
Prone is generally done from the baby at the age of 3-5 months. This time generally varies per child because each child has a different development that is different. So you do not need to worry if at the age of 4 months your baby is not able to do his stomach.
Noteworthy is understanding the milestone or the stage of development of the baby that should have been reached at this age, including infants that have begun to hold their heads up, babies have a high curiosity about an object that is near or held by them, begin to put items held in the direction mouth, the baby is able to see with a focus on objects and other people around him, more expressive and more responsive. At this age some babies have also begun to learn to roll or stomach.
Provide stimulation that can help your baby in his prone process, namely by providing tummy time or stomach the baby on a soft pad or on the mother's stomach. Tummy time can be done since the baby is 1 to 2 months in a short time (between 2-5 minutes) and it is recommended to be repeated every day. Help the baby to tilt his body while playing and when drinking breast milk, give toys that can attract the baby's attention so that the baby is able to reach it by tilting the body, and do not forget to always give encouragement to the baby to always try and learn new things at each stage of development.
If necessary, consult directly with a pediatrician who has expertise in growth and development is highly recommended that you get more complete and relevant information regarding the condition of your baby.
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