When Defecating Semen Comes Out Doormat And Clot?

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afternoon, I want to ask, why when straining BAB the penis always secretes fluid like semen but it gets clotted, is there an infection in my urinary tract? please info,

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Hello Lutfi,

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Cai mani will normally come out when you experience sexual stimulation. This can not only happen when you have sex. But it can also happen when you think about things that smell like sex, watching porn, and so on. If when you defecate sexually aroused, it could be, discharge of semen is a natural thing to happen. Of course, reasonable conditions generally only occur occasionally, not repeatedly.

However, if you feel you have not experienced any sexual arousal, and your complaints repeat each time you have a bowel movement, then this may indeed indicate an illness, including:

Disorders of the sperm ducts, for example epididymitis, orchitis

Disorders of the prostate, for example prostatitis

Urinary tract disorders, such as urinary tract infections

Others, such as pelvic injuries, nerve disorders, fistulas around the urinary tract or sperm ducts, sexually transmitted infections, etc.

Without checking directly your physical condition and evaluating what the liquid looks like, of course we cannot determine what the exact conditions are behind your complaints at this time. We recommend that you check yourself directly to the doctor or a specialist in urology surgery to do a more in-depth examination, including for example by involving the examination of urethral secretions, ultrasound, and so on. That way, of course the handling can be done on target. Our advice for you at this time:

Improve the cleanliness of your sex organs
Don't do risky sex
Don't make it a habit of holding back your urge to defecate or small
Live a healthy lifestyle, do not carelessly consume drugs or alcohol
Stay away from cigarettes
Regularly exercising, including doing Kegel exercises

Hope this helps ...

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