When Did The Herpes Appear?

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Afternoon r nUsually the herpes comes after sex or wait 3 days or how much? R n r nThank you doctor.

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Hello, Adrian. Thank you for your question for HealthReplies.com. Sorry if you wait :)

Genital herpes is an infection of the genitals caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). Symptoms of herpes simplex include blisters, open sores, irritated skin, itching, painful urination, may be accompanied by fever, flu, decreased appetite and fatigue. Genital herpes has an incubation period of 3-7 days. Symptoms will appear 3-7 days after being infected with the herpes simplex virus.

We recommend that you consult directly with a Dermatologist so that the appropriate examination and treatment can be carried out. Some things you can do to reduce symptoms of genital herpes include:

1. You can take antiviral drugs, to prevent the HSV virus from multiplying. Consult your doctor before taking the drug, so that the dosage is right.

2. Clean the wound with 0.9% liquid NaCl, at least twice a day (morning and evening).

3. To relieve pain, you can compress the wound with a cold compress.

4. Use loose clothing and the type of cloth that absorbs sweat, so that the wound area is not damp.

Thus, hopefully this is useful.

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