When Do Kegel Exercises After Giving Birth?

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Afternoon, I had just given birth normally for about 3 weeks, had a suture wound and had experienced urinary retention. Therefore I want to do Kegel exercises to relieve urination. When should I do Kegel exercises? Fear that if done too early can affect my stitches. Please answer. Thank you

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Hormonal changes experienced by the mother during pregnancy (mainly due to increased hormone progesterone in the third trimester of pregnancy) can make the muscles around the bladder lose tone. As a result, the capacity of the bladder to collect urine will slowly increase. After giving birth, the fetus that was pressing on the bladder will come out. This condition eventually causes a lot of urine to be retained in the bladder and more difficult to remove.

In mild cases, the frequency of postpartum urine retention will improve within 1 to 2 weeks. The doctor can do a urine catheter, provide several types of medication, while training you urinate completely.

The Kegel exercises are actually intended to overcome urinary incontinence (the inability to control the urge to urinate). This exercise is generally recommended for patients who often wet themselves, not just those who experience urine retention. However, if your urine retention has been resolved well, and the stitches of your childbirth stitches have healed and have no significant complaints (such as pain, swelling, wetness, or bleeding), this exercise is not forbidden. With this exercise, the healing process of stitches from the birth can be healed faster, and the muscles of the perineum and pelvis that were sagging after delivery can return tight.

You should consult your doctor or obstetrician again if you are still experiencing postpartum complaints.

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