When Is Pregnancy Known To Not Develop?

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Hello doctor, r nI want to ask, r n Last week I had a pregnancy test, and the results were positive, after I examined the obstetrician, it turns out that my pregnancy has been running for 5 weeks, r nBut there is something that frightens me, obstetrician where I was told to check it could not confirm my baby is developing or not, because there is no heartbeat in the fetus in my womb, and the doctor also said that the pregnancy test can also be positive results if there is cancer in the uterus, pregnancy outside womb or pregnant with grapes, r nWhat do I want to ask, how many weeks are we able to ensure that the fetus in the womb is developing? r nAnd what are the signs if the fetus does not develop in our uterus? r nColor after this examination I am increasingly worried and afraid of my pregnancy, because this is also my first pregnancy

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Pregnancy is the presence of a fetus in the womb, which is the result of fertilization of an egg by sperm cells. Pregnancy will be found in pregnancy hormones, which will increase according to gestational age. The pregnancy hormone will cause a pregnant woman to experience morning sickness, which is nausea and vomiting in the morning (although in most cases it is throughout the day). This pregnancy hormone can be detected through a pack test, but this is not a sure sign of pregnancy. Morning sickness complaints experienced are also not a sure sign of pregnancy. The definite sign of pregnancy, one of which is the fetal heart rate that can be detected through ultrasound at 6.5-7 weeks of gestation. If using Dopler, can be detected at 12-16 weeks of gestation. And if you use a laennec stethoscope, it can be detected starting at 20 weeks' gestation. In addition to the fetal heart rate, another sure sign of pregnancy is the feel of fetal movements and the apparent arrangement of fetal body bones through ultrasound.
You don't need to worry too much. Pregnant women should not be stressed excessively because it can interfere with fetal growth and development. You can repeat the examination to the obstetrician 2 weeks after the previous examination, i.e. the estimated age of your pregnancy is 7 weeks.
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