When Is The Best Time To Do A Testpack?

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Tonight … I want to ask me yesterday, February 19th, the month came on the 23rd date. I am in contact … this March, I haven’t come yet. And yesterday, on the 12th, I tested the test but the result was negative. But I felt big breasts and swollen. in the back pain feels successive how y. please be answered. thank you

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Keep in mind, breasts that feel enlarged and swollen, accompanied by pain in the back area actually does not always indicate pregnancy. These complaints can also arise due to normal hormonal fluctuations before menstruation. Or, various other conditions, such as viral or bacterial infections, nerve nerves, drug side effects, psychosomatic disorders, scoliosis, and so on can also trigger complaints that you experience at this time.

Doing a testpack can be one way to distinguish subjective symptoms that arise due to pregnancy and those that arise due to other causes. Some literature states that the testpack is most accurate if menstrual delays have occurred for 1 week or more. Therefore, referring to the information you have just experienced last menstruation on February 19, you should repeat your testpack 1 to 2 weeks (if menstruation still does not come). This needs to be done to minimize the results of false-negative testpacks. While waiting for that time, you can first do the following steps to make the complaint improve:

Compress breast and back that feels uncomfortable with warm water
Enough rest
Wear comfortable clothes, not tight
Increase exercise
Eat and drink healthy and nutritious
Stay away from stress
Do not consume drugs carelessly

If the steps above have not been successful in alleviating your complaints, and if menstruation still does not come despite negative testpack results, do not hesitate to have your complaint directly checked by a doctor or obstetrician. further examination, for example ultrasound, blood tests, and so on as a basis for determining the diagnosis and the right treatment. In addition to pregnancy, menstrual delays may also occur due to ovarian cysts, hyperthyroidism, obesity, impaired hormonal balance, or various other causes that need further treatment from a doctor.

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