When Is The History Of Schizophrenia In Indonesia?

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for the history of schizophrenia In Indonesia since when?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. Unlike HIV, which was first detected in 1959, or addiction to devices and online gambling, which has only recently become a disease in recent years because of the outbreak of the internet and smartphones, schizophrenia as a mental illness actually existed long ago, long before civilization as it is now.

Because although the science of psychology can be said to be a relatively young science compared to other branches of medicine, the disease does not only emerge when the knowledge is studied. Long before the knowledge was learned, the disease certainly had appeared, only at that time it was not yet known as a disease. People prefer to consider the symptoms of mental disorders as something magical, mystical, related to spirits and gods.

In the context of breadth, archaeological findings have seen holes in ancient human skulls in various places on earth, including in Peru. This hole is believed to be one of the efforts to deal with mental disorders at the time, because it was considered mental disorders originating from evil spirits trapped in the head. Furthermore, in 1500 BC, in Egypt there was an inscription that was interpreted as one of the symptoms of mental disorders when interpreted with science now. Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon was known, was considered to have lycanthropy, a form of mental disorder with sufferers believing that he was a wolf. At that time, the people and people around him assumed that what he was experiencing was the impact of his arrogance. And there is still plenty of evidence that mental illnesses, including schizophrenia, have actually been around for a long time, long before they begin to be detected.

In Indonesia alone, it is unknown who first experienced schizophrenia and when it was due to poor recording. In addition, Indonesian people also tend to think that mental disorders are taboo and are more 'accepting' if they are related to the occult, even now. This is why the development of science and popularity of mental health in Indonesia is still hampered.

In colonial times, before there was a mental hospital in Indonesia, people with mental disorders were accommodated in civilian general hospitals or military hospitals in Surabaya, Jakarta and Semarang. Although the diagnosis is not detailed, it can be assumed that the mental disorder that is accommodated in these hospitals is a severe mental disorder such as schizophrenia, because mild mental disorders at that time will not be detected until it must be treated. At that time alone, the space provided was insufficient so that in 1862, the Dutch East Indies government held a census of people with mental disorders on Java and Madura to provide better services and solutions.

So regarding your question, from here we can assume that mental disorders in Indonesia have begun to be detected from the 19th century, but initially it could have been earlier than the royal era. It is not known exactly who first experienced it, because the recording is still bad. Even now, with the close taboo among the people, it is still difficult to fully detect mental disorders in Indonesia. So, hopefully answering your question.

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