When Is The Time Of Conception?

last month I had my period starting on June 20 and after finishing menstruation I had sex with my husband with sperm outside the vagina. But after the 20th I had not had my period and had sperm inserted into the vagina twice until today I am not menstruating..then I tested it was positive. I want to know that fertilization occurs during infertile times, before fertilization has occurred, huh??

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Determining when a woman's fertile period can be done by knowing the woman's menstrual history in advance.

In women who always have normal and regular menstrual cycles, ovulation (the rupture of a mature egg) is predicted to occur about 14 days before the expected day of the next menstruation. This means that the fertile period can occur around 9 to 19 days before the day of your next expected period.

However, if your menstruation is not always regular and normal, then determining your fertile period cannot be done in a simple way as mentioned above. At least, you need to first record your menstrual schedule for the last 6 to 9 months to determine it. In addition, several other methods of determining the fertile period, such as monitoring basal body temperature and also observing cervical mucus, need to be done to confirm the predicted fertility period based on the calendar method.

It is true, having sex during childbearing years has the greatest potential to cause pregnancy. This is because, during this fertile period, the mature egg will be released from the ovary to the uterus so that the possibility of being able to meet with sperm cells is very large. However, that does not mean that having sex outside the fertile period is unlikely to result in pregnancy. This possibility remains, although not as large as sexual intercourse during fertile days, especially in women with irregular menstrual cycles, who find it difficult to determine when the fertile period is.

If it is based on a history of sexual relations alone, it is very difficult to determine the exact time of conception. However, in general, you can predict when conception will occur by knowing your gestational age. Independently, you can determine your gestational age by calculating your HPHT (first day of last menstrual period). However, to be more accurate, you should consult directly with an obstetrician for an ultrasound examination. In addition to knowing your estimated gestational age, this ultrasound examination is also very important to confirm, whether you are really pregnant or not. Because, in some conditions, positive testpack results can also be found even though a woman is not pregnant, for example due to an improper testpack procedure, or also because the urine sample is contaminated by drugs and bacteria.

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