When Someone Needs Help With Sleeping Pills?

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hello doctor, I am a 19 year old woman, I have trouble sleeping for many years, I have had sleeping paralyzes for 4 years now I have difficulty sleeping, I often feel restless when I go to sleep, I am always awake between 1 and 5 hours morning, as a result I often sleep less than 6 hours. Even if I’m not awake, I usually wake up every 1-2 hours and feel like I’m not sleeping and feeling tired during the day. Lately I have had difficulty breathing several times at night, although it’s not bad, but when I started falling asleep I often suddenly woke up because my breath was a bit heavy. do I need to check myself? or just sleeping pills?

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Hello Anisa,

Having trouble starting to sleep or maintaining sleep for the time it takes when he has the opportunity to do so is called insomnia. Symptoms that arise due to insomnia include:

Difficulty sleeping
Get up often at night
Woke up too quickly and had difficulty falling asleep again
Do not feel refreshed after waking up
Drowsiness / tired during the day
Irritability, depression, anxiety
Lack of concentration, interference in carrying out activities
Worries about not getting enough sleep are bothersome

This insomnia can actually be caused by non-organic (no underlying health problems), or due to a disease such as urinary tract disorders that cause frequent waking up because you want to urinate, persistent pain, asthma, heart problems, sleep apnea or due to drugs. -medicine.

Common causes of insomnia include:

Poor sleep habits
Shift work schedule
Eat too much just before bed
Caffeine, nicotine and alcohol

Checks with a doctor or psychiatrist can be done to treat insomnia, depending on the cause. If you feel short of breath that wakes you up, maybe the problem is an organ disorder so you should see a doctor for it. But if you find it difficult to start sleeping because of anxiety, thinking about a lot of things over and over then you should check with a psychiatrist.

Difficulty sleeping needs to be checked if it interferes with your activities during the day, for example causing work errors due to drowsiness, difficulty concentrating, frequent fatigue and so on.

You can also try to improve sleep quality by:

Establish a consistent sleep schedule and stick to it
Active during the day, regular exercise
Avoid naps or limit the time
Limit caffeine intake from tea, coffee, chocolate, especially before bed, avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and don't smoke
Check any medicines you are taking for trouble sleeping
Avoid large meals and sugary drinks, especially before bed
Make your room comfortable and use it only for sleeping (not for work, study, etc.)

For more, read: Insomnia


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