When To Give Birth If The Head Has Entered The Pelvis?

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Good morning, I’m pregnant 37-38 Sunday, last check with the midwife on the 14th of August, and the midwife said the position of the fetal head has entered the pelvis, my question, how many more weeks I think I will give birth?

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Normally, pregnancy will last for 36 to 42 weeks. At this gestational age, the fetus in the womb is expected to have grown well, has sufficient weight, and can live independently outside the mother's womb. Even so, there are pregnancies that end faster (prematurely) or even later (postmatured). It is unclear exactly what factors affect the duration of this pregnancy. However, genetic factors, maternal health conditions, fetal health conditions, as well as a variety of other factors are thought to strongly influence this.

The head of the fetus that has entered the pelvis often does signify an imminent delivery. In mothers who have never given birth, the fetus's head will usually enter the pelvis when the womb has entered the 9th month. Not long after this, labor signs usually appear, such as:

The emergence of labor contractions, which is distinguished by fake contractions because of the intensity that is getting stronger and stronger, the longer the longer the duration, and the more frequent the frequency. This labor contraction will be felt as a painful sensation of pain, heat, heartburn, or twisting that appears in the lower abdomen, and can spread to the lower back.
Rupture or seepage of amniotic fluid
Mucus discharge from the birth canal
Cervical opening appears during an internal examination

If you have not experienced signs of childbirth as mentioned above, all you need to do now is:

Stay calm, increase relaxation, meditate, do breathing exercises, and do pregnancy exercises according to doctor's recommendations
Stay active as usual, but also balanced with adequate rest, eat well enough and nutritious drink
Wear comfortable clothes, which can accommodate your daily movements
Always think positive, do not worry, panic, or fear excessive
Prepare enough supplies to deal with the labor process later, for example by preparing a bag containing nursing equipment, fetal equipment, money, food, and so on
Do not carelessly take any medicine or herbs to accelerate labor
Control your routine pregnancy to the doctor or obstetrician every 1 to 2 weeks until the time your delivery arrives

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