When To Infuse Children With Fever?

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, what if a 1.3-month-old child has a fever at home for 3 days but does not disappear even though he has been given a fever medication, already compressed with a wet cloth what is the next action to relieve his fever. help reduce fever.

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The procedure for administering intravenous fluids aims to replace body fluids that are reduced in the blood vessels more quickly and effectively.

Fluid loss conditions can be caused by conditions such as:

1. Severe dehydration, for example due to diarrhea, vomiting or difficult intake

2. Blood loss due to active bleeding

3. Leakage of blood vessel walls for example in the case of DHF with shock

4. Disorders of the heart pump

There are no other indications for infusion procedures other than to replace body fluids. Fever without other ballast conditions is also not an indication of intravenous fluids.

In the case of DHF treatment it is only with intravenous fluids, but not because there are complaints of fever, but because in the case of DHF there is massive leakage of fluid in the arteries, so that aggressive fluid replacement is needed by administering intravenous fluids to prevent severe complications, namely severe shock. can be life threatening.

Fever is a systemic reaction in the body due to an inflammatory process. Fever is not a diagnosis but a symptom, so to cure a fever it is necessary to know from where the fever occurs. If the underlying cause is treated, fever complaints will decrease.

For this reason it is important to check the child to the doctor if the fever does not also go down after administration of fever-lowering drugs, to find the underlying cause.

Beware if the condition of fever is accompanied by the condition of the child is weak, does not want to drink, hands and feet become cold, or the child is not aware of the need to be given immediate action in the emergency department.

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