When You Want To Sleep Your Hands Limp, Chest Heat, Heart Palpitations

Illustration of When You Want To Sleep Your Hands Limp, Chest Heat, Heart Palpitations
Illustration: When You Want To Sleep Your Hands Limp, Chest Heat, Heart Palpitations

The mission of the doctor, hopefully the doctor is in good health ayaI want to ask, I have stomach acid disease, then check with the doctor, I have X-rays, I have checked the lab all normally, then give medicine for the stomach with alprazolam 0.5 mg dock, every time I want to sleep You take normal alprazolam medicine, do you usually sleep with it, but when I try not to use it during the night, it turns out I can’t sleep, and I drink only when I can sleep. Then if you are forced to sleep, you don’t take the medicine, right when you want your eyes to go to sleep, your left hand likes to limp, and your left hand and heart are pounding fast, accompanied by a hot chest. Even though from daytime it evaporates continuously, but you can’t take a nap or late night you don’t use the medicine. Sorry doc, what kind of illness do I have? Then how to treat it? And what is the way to sleep without alprazolam? Sorry please reply. 🙏🙏

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Hello Har,

Thank you for the question.

Acid reflux disease can trigger a lot. If in addition to stomach medications your doctor also prescribes you alprazolam (a sedative), most likely, your stomach acid disease is caused by psychological disorders (for example due to excessive anxiety or fear, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, specific phobias, psychosomatic disorders). Or conversely, it is precisely the stomach acid disease that makes you afraid and excessively anxious, so it needs to be given a sedative.

Difficulty sleeping, weakness, palpitations, and a burning sensation in the chest that you feel if you do not consume alprazolam may indicate your psychological disorders that are less well controlled. It could also be, these complaints are caused by side effects of treatment, stomach acid disease that you have already suffered before, even also because of other diseases, such as electrolyte balance disorders, heart problems, allergies, hormonal disorders, and so on.

The most aware of the exact cause of the emergence of your complaint at this time surely the doctor who examined you directly. Therefore, ideally you consult directly with him. It's just that, considering currently being outbreaks of COVID-19, it seems that if there is no emergency condition, complaints like yours should not be rushed to the doctor for your own good (so that your risk of contracting the disease will be smaller). As an alternative, you can first resolve your complaint by:

Regularly undergo treatment according to doctor's advice
Get used to doing relaxation every day, so as to avoid excessive anxiety, sadness, and fear
Busy your days with positive activities, including by exercising, working, and doing things that are useful for your future
Don't consume caffeine, soft drinks, energy drinks, especially alcohol
Stay away from cigarettes and drugs
Before going to bed, do things that make you calm, such as by worshiping, reading, listening to the sounds that are soothing to you
Condition your room to be comfortable
Create a regular sleep and wake schedule every day, and be disciplined to obey that schedule
Do not just take any medicine or herbal products, other than those given by the doctor

Furthermore, if until a long time your complaint has not improved with the above efforts, and if this complaint feels very limiting your activities, even mild activities though, you should go to see your doctor directly or a doctor in the disease huh .. If necessary, the doctor will be able to coordinate with the psychiatrist in giving you the right treatment.

I hope this helps.

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