Whether Having Sex Can Thwart Implantation

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first my wife came out with red blood then the next day came out brown blood spots until 3 days, the next day I was in contact with my wife but not until penetration, after that came out red blood / menstruation, Is this a failed implantation. because we related td, or indeed Is this menstrual cycle not smooth?

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Hello Keisuke,

You need to look at your wife's menstrual cycle again. Is it really time for menstruation now? If yes, the possibility of bleeding is menstrual blood. But if not during menstruation, bleeding can be caused by the following conditions:

 Ovulation Implantation, sometimes implantation can cause bleeding, although generally a little and brief unlike menstruation Injury to the vagina Inflammation and infection of the vagina and cervix Medical conditions: polycystic ovary syndrome, hormonal disorders, thyroid disorders, malignancy For intimate relationships themselves do not thwart implantation that has been happened yes. For now it can be seen in the next few days. If there is still bleeding, you should suspend intercourse until there is no bleeding. And if next month the wife experiences menstrual delays, the wife can do a testpack to detect the presence or absence of pregnancy.

If the bleeding is happening for more than 2 weeks, the wife can consult directly with the obstetrician so that the cause can be ascertained first and that more appropriate treatment can be given.

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