Whether To Feed A 3 Month Old Baby?

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ass. I want to ask my baby who is more than 3 months old by my in-laws always give me bananas when the crying continues, and now I have the flu u0026amp; I coughed and my baby caught a fever and I also caught the flu, is it related to being fed? ,, And what is her remedy for babies u0026amp; me to quickly recover again

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Sick cough colds fever, generally caused by a viral infection. Viral infections in the respiratory tract are basically very contagious (for example through the air when you cough or sneeze near your baby). Giving solid food too early will not cause your baby to get a respiratory tract infection, but it can bring other dangers, for example a blockage in the baby's digestive tract can occur or the baby chokes when swallowing. In addition, giving solid food too early is not recommended because basically solid foods have nutrients that are not as complete as breast milk or formula milk. Research also shows that giving solid foods too early also increases the risk of developing allergies, eczema, diabetes, and celiac disease.

Infants under 6 months of age should only be given breast milk (not mixed with solid food, water, or other foods and drinks). If for one reason or another breastmilk cannot be given, then the recommended substitute for breast milk is formula milk. Solid food should only be given after 6 months of age, or before 6 months of age (but over 4 months) if there are certain indications determined by a doctor.

Basically, a viral respiratory tract infection can improve in 7 days and heal by itself in 10-14 days. Giving cold cough medicines to babies has not been proven to improve symptoms or accelerate the baby's recovery, instead it can increase the risk of drug side effects. The recommended drug is only fever-reducing drugs such as Paracetamol if the baby has a fever. Some other things you can do to help reduce the symptoms your baby is experiencing include:

Moisturize the air in the bedroom with a humidifier. Bathe the baby with warm water and let the baby breathe in the bath water to help open his airways.Give drops or saline spray into the baby's nose, and continue to suck the baby's nose (with a special nasal suction ) to help expel mucus in the airways. Give more breast milk so that the baby is not dehydrated. In addition to preventing dehydration, breast milk contains antibodies that can help strengthen the baby's immune system and speed up the baby's recovery. If after 7 days the cold cough condition does not improve, the baby seems to have shortness of breath, the fever continues to be high even though he has been given medication, there is a decrease in consciousness (the baby appears to be sleeping continuously), the baby does not want to drink milk, the baby's urine is reduced and looks thick, immediately take your baby to the doctor for further examination and treatment.

Tell your in-laws to stop giving solid food to your baby as this is very dangerous for the baby and is not recommended. If the baby continues to cry even though it has just been breastfed, look for other reasons that make sense, such as a wet diaper, bloated baby, the temperature is too cold or too hot, the baby is sleepy, and so on. Feeding solid food is really not needed by babies at this age.

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