Which Is Better, Antibiotics Or Herbal Medicines?

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assalamu’alaykum. sorry, I can get information from the health service if a child has a fever, cough, and cold doesn’t need antibiotics. if the pain has been gone for more than 3 days, we have to go to the doctor, but when we go to the doctor, the antibiotics are taken. how is that? then if we take herbal medicine like honey, olive oil and habatussauda, ​​how much better than the antibiotics that the doctor took when we examined?

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Wa alaikumsalam, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com. Actually there are no absolute or absolute answers to your questions. The explanation is thus, antibiotics are drugs to deal with bacterial infections in the body, regardless of which part is infected. Can urinary tract, respiratory tract, can the skin, can the brain lining, and any part. In essence, if there is evidence of bacterial infection, treatment can be with antibiotics.

News about antibiotics is becoming widespread because in ancient times, antibiotics were often used even though a disease was not caused by bacteria. Or a disease is caused by bacteria, but the use of antibiotics is stopped even though not all the bacteria die. This results in the emergence of new variants of bacteria that are more resistant, strong and resistant to antibiotics. This condition is dangerous because it makes it more difficult to cure someone if the antibiotics do not work. So this is where the advice emerged that do not directly or just give antibiotics if your child or you have a certain disease, especially fever, cough and runny nose which are mostly caused by viruses. But if there are indeed signs of a bacterial infection, it's okay to give antibiotics. In essence, its use must be based on clear causes and reasons.

Then for your next question about which is better, herbal medicines such as honey, olive oil and habatussauda with antibiotics, according to existing research so far these herbal medicines do not have an antibacterial effect so that they cannot replace antibiotics in dealing with diseases. But these drugs still have other good effects that can be taken. So we suggest that antibiotics should still be consumed as prescribed until they run out, and if you want to pair antibiotics with these herbal medicines, then it's okay as long as the antibiotics are still consumed. In addition, also take care of your child's health by making sure he drinks lots of water, is not tired, and stay away from cigarette smoke and sick people. So, hopefully answering your question.

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