White Blood Cell Examination Results?

Illustration of White Blood Cell Examination Results?
Illustration: White Blood Cell Examination Results? southernsouls.ca

Good evening, sorry to disturb the doctor’s time. If the diff count in this lym section is 49% checking, is this normal or abnormal? Please enlighten me, thank you🙏🙏

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Hi Hendri,

The white blood cell differential count is a part of a complete blood count that shows the number of different types of white blood cells. There are 5 types of white blood cells in the human body, namely:

 Neutrophils: play a role in the primary response to infection. Increases especially in bacterial infections or accompanying a serious injury. Normal levels: 50-60% (may vary depending on the reference value of the laboratory where you are examining) Eosinophils: plays a role in allergic reactions and parasitic infections. Normal levels: 1-4% Basophils: play a role in bacterial phagocytosis and play a minor role in allergic reactions. Normal levels: 0.5-1% Lymphocytes: have a role in the immediate and delayed response to infection and in the process of inflammation. Increases especially in viral infections, some cases of bacterial infections and malignancies. Normal levels: 20-40% Monocytes: play a role in the process of inflammation, infection and also the presence of foreign objects. Increases in the healing phase of acute infections, viral infections, and certain types of malignancies. There is usually a normal value included in the laboratory results that you have. When referring to normal values ​​above lymphocytes 49% increase slightly (lymphocytosis). This can be caused by many things, including infections (most often by viruses but can also increase in bacterial infections). Lymphocytosis following infection usually returns to normal when the patient has recovered. Very high lymphocytosis can be found in malignant conditions (cancer) and autoimmune diseases.

Doctors cannot conclude a condition just by looking at lymphocyte values. Your doctor should also look at the results of your other blood tests and match them with the complaints you have and the physical examination found. Lymphocytosis without symptoms and other typical examination results, is not dangerous, need not worry too much, and generally can return to normal. Such is the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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