White Bumps Appear On The Gums After Tooth Extraction

Illustration of White Bumps Appear On The Gums After Tooth Extraction
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Hi, I’m Sri age 23. A few months ago I had a tooth impaction, now it’s been pulled out. However, at the tip of the gum now appears like a small white horn. Soft and not hurt, it just feels lumpy in the mouth. I wonder what this is and how to treat it, right? Once I know, I immediately ask here. Is it being squashed or trying to get it out like a zit?

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Hello Srimull,

Impaction of teeth is a condition in which teeth do not grow completely out of the gum and sometimes the growth of the incline supports the tooth next to it. Tooth impaction is one of the reasons for the tooth extraction action.

Some complications after tooth extraction that can cause white bumps on the gums include:

 Fragments of bones or teeth that are left and pinched between the gums The patient feels there are sharp parts that are piercing when biting / clenching teeth, causing injury to the tongue or cheek depending on its position Dry socket When the healing process does not form a good blood clot or loose before its time, so exposed bone - visible from the outside of the gum. The patient feels pain in the tooth extraction area and aches when drinking or eating Dental cyst (cyst) Slightly swollen and a lump, minimal pain or abscess Abscesses Throbbing gums, swollen gums, can discharge pus There are still several other causes that can cause lumps small whitish gum. Difficult to determine the cause if the doctor does not directly see the bump you mean.

Things you can do now are:

 Try brushing your teeth with soft bristles twice a day (minimum) rinse after eating or more frequently, then observe whether the white lump disappears. You can gargle with warm water + salt. Do not squeeze or try to pry into the white lump itself because it has the potential to cause an infected wound. * Because it is currently in the condition of the Covid-19 outbreak, it is best to avoid seeing a dentist for a while if there is no urgent or no medical emergency. If you feel a high fever, pain in the teeth that is unbearable, swelling of the gums that cause swelling to the face, white on the gums that is rapidly expanding and causing a resounding wound that continues to ooze fluid, you should still see a dentist. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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