White Fluid Comes Out After Intercourse And Palpable Lumps In The Lower Abdomen?

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Vaginal discharge from vaginal discharge after sexual intercourse is a normal condition. These secretions are often lubricants from the vagina so they do not feel painful and are comfortable during sexual intercourse. White secretions can also be ejaculatory fluid either from men or women.

Leucorrhoea secretions that are classified as abnormal are caused by Candida yeast infections in the vagina. Candidosis vaginalis has a characteristic white discharge that has a thick white consistency like cream or cheese and is accompanied by itching around the vaginal area. Vaginal discharge can also be pink after sexual intercourse due to slight injury or irritation to the vagina and cervix.

Related to complaints of palpable lumps in the lower abdomen area is not a normal condition. Each palpable lump needs to be evaluated through a physical examination of the reproductive organs or imaging examination to help establish the diagnosis. If the complaint is accompanied by spotting of bleeding every time you have sex, bleeding outside the menstrual period, lower abdominal pain, or weight loss then you should immediately consult with your obstetrician to be examined.

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