White Itching Around The Genitals?

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I want to ask, in 4 days the skin around the area of ​​my testicles is white. When I take a shower the white color disappears, then some time after I take a shower the white color appears again. And sometimes it feels itchy, and there are also some dark skin areas. That might be why huh? Is it a serious symptom?

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Naturally, male testicles have the same color as the skin on other body parts. In some conditions, testicles may be darker in color, due to excessive friction around the groin and genitals, for example if you often walk, use clothes that are too tight, or also overweight.

The condition of your testicles which look vaginal and often itchy may indicate a yeast infection, or often termed tinea cruris. This condition is prone to occur if you do not properly maintain the cleanliness of your sex organs. People with weak immune systems, for example due to HIV, diabetes, or taking steroid drugs in the long run are also more at risk of developing fungal infections in their genitals.

Not only fungal infections, several other conditions, such as xerosis (dry skin), seborrheic dermatitis (chronic skin inflammation that makes skin flaky and flaking like dandruff), psoriasis (an autoimmune disorder that makes skin regeneration goes excessive and uncontrolled), infection of other microorganisms , contact dermatitis, vitiligo, drug eruptions, and so on.

To distinguish between mild and dangerous conditions, you can check yourself directly to the nearest doctor or dermatologist. You can first resolve your complaint with the following tricks:

Take a clean bath, also clean your pubic area using good quality water, no need to use soap or perfumers carelessly Short the hair around the pubic periodically Always wear underwear and pants made from soft, absorb sweat, and not too tight Do not exchange pants or underwear with other people Stay away from risky sex Do not slough off forcefully white or black patches on the genitals Although itchy, do not scratch your genitals excessive. Do not carelessly give medication on complaints that appear on the genitals without consulting a doctor.

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