White Membrane In The Throat?

Illustration of White Membrane In The Throat?
Illustration: White Membrane In The Throat? Bing

, I want to ask, it’s been 2 days my throat has hurt when I checked at the Public Health Center it turned out to be inflamed, indeed the previous Sunday I had eaten instant noodles for 8/9 days in a row. But when I checked it myself with a flashlight in my throat, there was a white patch on the right where the tonsils should be. I was afraid it was diphtheria but I didn’t experience any symptoms for diphtheria.. like my body wasn’t hot/weak/cold/chills. .rnWhy me?rnIs there a possibility that I have diphtheria? Or an allergy to my throat.. thank you

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Hi Mela,

The appearance of a whitish membrane in the throat or tonsils (tonsils) is indeed one of the symptoms of diphtheria, however, not all of these conditions are caused by diphtheria infection but can also be caused by other bacterial infections.

Bacterial infections of the throat, especially the tonsils will cause an inflammatory reaction and the release of polymorphonuclear leukocytes (white blood cells) (PMN) which play a role in the body's defense system. These white blood cells together with dead bacteria and shed epithelial cells will form detritus that looks like a milky white or yellowish membrane in the area.

Because you have received treatment from a doctor, you should take treatment according to the doctor's recommendations and take control if the complaint persists or worsens. In addition to doctor's treatment, you can also do some of the following suggestions to overcome these complaints:

Increase water consumption, at least 2-3 liters per day
Get enough rest
Avoid foods that can irritate the throat such as those that are too hot, too cold or too hard
Take additional supplements such as multivitamins

May be useful,

dr. Budiono

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