White Mucus Out After Urinating?

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hello doctor … r n ask … r my wife often secretes white mucus after peeing … r why is it normal .. r n one more thing … r n why is my wife’s hair if in the comb often and a lot of fall off … r napa it has something to do with that white mucus …

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From the information you have conveyed, complaints of white mucus that come out during vaginal discharge can be caused by vaginal discharge or a process of inflammation / infection of the woman. This condition is also called vaginosis or infection in the vagina which is felt in the form of vaginal discharge.

If this condition is not treated properly it can lead to complications of urinary tract infections or uterine infections.

Some of the common causes of vaginal discharge are:

1. a bacterial, fungal, or viral infection

2. myoma

3. disruption of hormonal balance, such as entering old age

4. disorders of the cervix or cervix

The presence of complaints of hair loss may be caused by other conditions, such as the use of inappropriate hair treatments or changing hair treatments frequently. Apart from that, fungal infections, lice or hair root damage can also cause hair loss. However, if the hair loss is less than 100 strands per day, then this is still within the wajr limit.

However, you should suggest doing a direct examination to your obstetrician for examination and evaluation of the causes of this vaginal discharge. The doctor will perform the necessary investigations to help determine the cause. Treatment will be given according to the results of the examination obtained.

That's the info we can get, read also vaginal discharge.

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