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Good afternoon, I want to ask that my complaint is in the lower lip area, there is a circle of 1 / 2cm to 1cm, which is whitish and the skin is rather dry … Is that why? Formerly after using lip cream, I like to forget to clean it and so the skin is dry lips broke, after that I like to peel off the skin … now it’s not like that anymore but in the place where I slipped it turned white it was different from my overall lip color …

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Hello Fitri,

Complaints on white spots can be caused by the following conditions:

Dry and cracked lips
Perioral dermatitis
An allergic reaction or irritation to a substance that comes in contact with the lips
Herpes simplex
Spots containing oil glands
Tumors and malignancies

For now if there are no other complaints, postpone checking to the doctor until the conditions allow (in order to cut the spread of vrus corona). You can do the following tips first:

Moisturize lips with lip balm
Minimize the use of lip makeup
Don't lick your lips often
Avoid foods that are too spicy, sour, or oily
Drink plenty of water
Avoid free sex

If the white spots bleed easily or feel pain or even become numb, you should check with a dermatologist so you can do a direct examination to determine your condition. Further treatment will be given according to your condition.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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