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Hello, I’m 17 years old. Since January at the end of this year, white patches have appeared on my face, at first I thought I was panuan but after using phlegm ointment, it didn’t fade. Mid-April more widespread, accompanied by the growth of gray hair on the eyebrows and mustache. And at the end of July, the patches were even more widespread, accompanied by the addition of gray hair on the head. Beginning July, I went to see a doctor from SpKK, he said I was only allergic to alcohol which I used in the form of skincare (facial soap, toner, etc.). But after a month (now August 12) I palai ointment from the doctor they will not fade or disappear though. The ointment is halfway, while the tablet medicine is gone. What I’m worried about, this is open allergy. Because I’m looking into this, what I’m worried about, I have vitiligo. According to the doctor, am I allergic or vitiligo? With the symptoms that I mentioned above, are there any medical suggestions / referrals that can overcome these problems. I get stressed and down because often the people around me scoff. Thank you for the response.

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Hello Hanna,

White patches on the face can be caused by the following factors:

Pityriasis alba: possibly related to sun exposure and skin moisture
Post-inflammatory hypopigmentation, such as scars, irritation, or allergic skin

To ascertain the cause requires a direct examination. Your steps to see a doctor are correct. If it has been 1 month of use of drugs and ointments / creams from doctors there has been no improvement, I suggest that you return control to the dermatologist who treats you so that you can evaluate the results of your treatment. For skin conditions it sometimes takes a long time to achieve the expected results. Sometimes also need additional action from a doctor to be more optimal.

As for vitiligo, the condition is characterized by white patches on the skin and the presence of gray hair on the hair. Vitiligo may be related to genetic, autoimmune, stress, sun exposure, and chemical exposure. Vitiligo sometimes also causes pain and itching.

Examination to confirm vitiligo is by history taking, physical examination, tests with ultraviolet light, and blood tests if necessary. Treatment of vitiligo is with medication, UV light therapy, and surgery.

For a while while waiting for the doctor's control, you can use a cream / ointment as recommended by the doctor who treats you and use makeup to disguise the white spots on your face. You should also avoid excessive sun exposure.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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