White Patches On The Fingertips Under The Nail?

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Good afternoon, r nI am 22 years old at the tip of my left index finger, just below my nail, there is a white spot that doesn’t feel any pain, no pain and no pain. Just yesterday I found out. R nBut I don’t know where it started and why … r nWhat do you think about spotting? .? r nThank you

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Hello Khumaedah,

Complaints of white spots on the nails can be caused by several factors, including:

History of trauma or previous impact / leukonychia
Fungal infection of the nails / onychomycosis
Lack of nutrients such as calcium and protein
Post use of chemicals such as nail polish
Mees line in cases of arsenic poisoning

For the time being if there are no complaints, you don't need to worry just yet. However, if the nail spots recur, or there are other changes in the nails such as brittle, dull, bent, and easily broken nails, you should check with your doctor directly so that you can be sure there is a medical problem that causes complaints to your nails. If there are certain medical conditions, the doctor can provide more optimal treatment for you.

Meanwhile, you should keep your nails healthy with the following tips:

Cut nails regularly
Keep nails clean
Avoid using chemicals too often on nails
Eat healthy and nutritious foods

Hope it can help you,

Thank you

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