White Patches On The Tonsil Wall?

Illustration of White Patches On The Tonsil Wall?
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Good morning, I want to ask, my throat hurts so much, it even hurts to my teeth. in my throat in the wall of the tonsils there is white “which spreads to the back, at first I was never like this, I have been 4 days like this and it is difficult to eat and sleep, what is that disease? or just medicine ?? please help, thanks

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Hello Delviana,

Thank you for the question.

Pain in the throat area that spreads to the teeth, accompanied by the appearance of white spots on the tonsils, as you experience it may indicate inflammation of the tonsils and throat, or in the medical realm is called tonsillopharyngitis. The most common trigger for this condition is a viral or bacterial infection. Although, this condition can also be aggravated by immune disorders, throat irritation (such as being pricked by food spines or contact with spicy and excessive oily foods), acid reflux of the stomach to the throat, malignancy, and also lack of vitamins. Sometimes, this complaint can appear accompanied by fever, nausea, vomiting, and cough that is quite disturbing. The white patches that you observe around your tonsils are usually detritus formed from a collection of dead cells and inflammatory tissue in people with tonsillopharyngitis.

If not treated properly, inflammation in the tonsils and throat can later spread to the surrounding soft tissue and form peritonsilar abscesses. This abscess can make complaints appear more severe, also makes the throat area swell, feel stiff, painful, you will be disturbed when swallowing food, talk, even breathing. If it's like this, of course the handling will be even more difficult to do.

Therefore, we recommend that you consult yourself directly to a doctor or ENT specialist, yes. Laboratory tests and even tissue sampling from tonsils or throat may be done by a doctor to ascertain the exact cause of your complaint. Not all cases of tonsillopharyngitis will be treated with tonsillectomy. In mild cases, your doctor may also only prescribe you medication while emphasizing proper natural treatment. Surgery is usually needed if swollen tonsils are very large, tonsils which are the focus of infection so that they are susceptible to spread to other organs, or if there has been breathing problems and sleep disorders due to this disease.

At home, the following steps can be done:

Get more rest
Drink warm water more diligently, you can also add honey, ginger, or lemon juice
Don't talk too much, let alone shout
Stay away from cigarettes and smoke
Use a mask
Eat a variety of nutritious foods, rich in vitamin C
Do not carelessly take medication without a doctor's prescription

Hope this helps ...

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