White Spots On The Vagina Of Cervicitis Sufferers?

Illustration of White Spots On The Vagina Of Cervicitis Sufferers?
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I want to brtnya, my age is 25 and diagnosed with chronic cervical disease, I have been undergoing treatment for more than 7 months, and the electrocouter opera was clawed more than 6 months ago, and it has already been stated, but it doesn’t look like the mucus is clear, it’s quite white, but it’s already quite white. , also the vulva is often itchy and can be like white spots that have a lot of drugs, but they can’t disappear, but are those white spots or not a particular disease, because the doctor who handles them is due to vaginal discharge, but can’t not lost, thank you

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Good afternoon, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. Leukorrhea is basically a condition that is normal in every woman, because leucorrhea itself is the body's way to clean the vaginal canal from dead cells and bacteria. Leucorrhoea should only be wary of having the potential for abnormalities when the color is yellowish or greenish, accompanied by blood, accompanied by itching, pain during sexual intercourse, or smells unpleasant.

So in your case, with complaints of itching and white spots, some of the possibilities that can occur are:

Smegma or residual impurities from leucorrhoea, urine and others that dry
Fungal infections or candidiasis

Bacterial infection or bacterial vaginosis

Chemical irritation
Sexually transmitted disease

Our advice, it is important for you to check it directly to a dermatologist and genitals because the disease can not be clearly identified the cause without direct examination. Complaints and discomfort that you feel is actually enough to raise suspicion that there are abnormalities in your genitals. By being seen firsthand, misunderstandings can be avoided and you will get the right treatment. Meanwhile, if the doctor who treats you so far is indeed a dermatologist, you have the right to seek a second opinion with another dermatologist.

Meanwhile, avoid having sexual relations first, avoid using tight pants and underpants, don't use scented pads, don't use vaginal cleaning chemicals and clean your genitals from front to back. So, hopefully answering your question.

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