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… I’m on a strict diet. The effect has not been in 10 days, and the chapters are white … what do you want the white stool to do with excessive consumption of animal protein? I am a woman aged 26 years 7 months

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Hello Fiky, thank you for using HealthReplies.com.

Generally, healthy feces are brown in color with a soft or dense texture. In addition, faeces should also be easy to remove and not so runny. If your stool has a different color, it might indicate a disturbance in your body.

If you have not defecated for 10 days, then it can already be categorized as constipation. Meanwhile, if the stool is white and looks pale like clay, this could be a sign of disorders of the bile ducts, impaired liver function, impaired pancreatic function, and side effects of drugs, such as subsalicylate, and anti-diarrhea. In addition, a strict diet that makes drastic weight loss can also increase the risk of gallstones. Excessive consumption of animal protein has not been proven with certainty until now can make the stool become white.

I suggest you to consult directly with a specialist in internal medicine, so that a thorough examination can be carried out, such as question and answer, examination of vital signs, physical examination of the eyes, skin, stomach, and supporting examinations if necessary such as bilirubin examination, stool analysis, and ultrasound stomach so that it can be treated according to your diagnosis.

As for the things you can do right now are:

Increase consumption of fibrous and liquid foods
Doing exercise regularly
Do not consume alcoholic beverages
Do not consume fatty foods
Lose weight slowly every week

Thus the information that I can convey, hopefully can help you.

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