White Tongue On Babies Who Have Been MPASi?

Illustration of White Tongue On Babies Who Have Been MPASi?
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Hello, pray for my 10-month-old baby sometimes his tongue is white, before MPASI too often but can be cleaned with gauze. If it’s hard now, how do you clean the tongue ??? Is it the same as before MPASI (because of former breast milk) or is it caused by something else ?? Thank you, please enlighten me

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Hallo Mrs. susiarsumi, thank you for consulting us on HealthReplies.com.

Basically white tongue in babies is not a serious thing, and can still be overcome. However, we fully understand your concern as a mother who wants her baby to be healthy and fine. White patches on a baby's tongue are usually caused due to a fungal infection which is commonly the fungus Candida albicans. Areas that are usually affected are the palate, gums, lips, and tongue. But unfortunately this can spread to the throat, tonsils and esophagus.

Apart from fungal infections, the white tongue is usually also due to the use of anti-antibiotic drugs, which antibiotics can weaken good bacteria that can control the growth of fungi in the mouth. Usually this antibiotic is obtained from breast milk where the baby's mother is receiving and taking antibiotics to fight certain infections.

If it really needs treatment, then the usual antifungal drugs given by a doctor are:

Miconazole: this form of the drug is a gel so that it can be smeared by clean fingers

Nystatin is liquid because it is given by dripping with a dropper.

It would be safer if you consult your pediatrician first so that the tongue color abnormality can be clearly identified for more appropriate treatment. To prevent your baby's white tongue, you can do a few simple things like:

sterilize toys, bottles and baby feeding equipment regularly
Wash your hands after changing baby diapers, before and after breastfeeding or feeding
clean the baby's tongue using a soft material and does not irritate the tongue

Thus we can convey to you, hopefully this information from us can help you. thanks.

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