Whitening Medication

Illustration of Whitening Medication
Illustration: Whitening Medication

Hay dok, introduce my name, ulfa, I was 23 years old, 1 year ago, I used whitening lotion and the results are good and my skin looks white too. Continues over time even the area like my arms were suddenly scratched by tiger scratches doc. But now it’s fading a little. Then how to get rid of the scars, yeah the doc is pretty much the problem in the thigh as well. Thanks doc 😊

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Hello Ulfa, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

The possibility of a scar on your right arm might be:

Keloid, occurs due to excessive growth of skin tissue. Shaped bumps on the scar pink to dark brown, looks wrinkled, and accompanied by itching. The risk of formation becomes greater in the presence of hereditary / genetic factors. Harmless, but annoying in appearance because it is thick. Handling in the form of injections, lasers, or other methods.

Skar hypetrophy, thickening of the scar. Generally scars can go away on their own, but if not several therapeutic options can be used such as the use of creams, silicone gels, or steroid injections.

Contracture, wound healing after a burn. Treatment can be in the form of surgery or non-surgery such as drug-obtan, splint use, or physiotherapy.

To determine the exact possibility of these scars certainly need to be examined directly by a doctor. See your doctor if the complaint feels disturbing or getting bigger. But in the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic, if you feel the complaint is not an emergency you can delay seeing a doctor and stay at home. But if you have to get out, wear a mask and avoid using public transportation and keep a distance from the people around you.

For now things you can do are:

Don't press the scars
Keep skin clean
Consume high protein foods to help repair scars
Drink enough water to maintain skin moisture
Use the appropriate skin moisturizer
It is better to consult with your doctor about whitening products that you can use

So, hopefully useful.

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