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Hello doc. I am entering the age of 20 years and I am not married, I experience vaginal discharge and smell sometimes itchy and this has been going on for about 5 months, I have never seen a doctor directly. Please advise doctor

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Hello Asmita,

Thank you for the question.

The discharge of odor that smells bad and feels itchy may arise due to infections of sex organs, stress, irritation, hormonal changes, and even malignancies (such as cervical cancer, uterine cancer, or ovarian cancer). Given the current outbreak of COVID-19, your complaint should not be rushed to the doctor so that your risk of contracting the disease can be minimized. In the meantime, your complaint can be handled first independently with the following steps:

Be diligent in your bath and clean your intimate organs properly after every bowel movement and after intercourse. The trick, by rinsing the sex organs using clean water from front to back (vagina to the anus) without soap, fragrance, or any chemical substance
Avoid risky sex, including changing partners or having sex with people without a clear sexual history without safety
Regularly rest and avoid stress
Drink plenty of water and eat foods rich in antioxidants
Do not hold your genitals, except with clean hands

If with this effort the complaint continues even worse, or if you feel you have had risky sex before, immediately check with your doctor or dermatologist and sex to be treated further according to the cause yes ..

I hope this helps.

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