Whitish Streaks Appear On The Skin Of The Hands?

Illustration of Whitish Streaks Appear On The Skin Of The Hands?
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I have a complaint that there are white stripes forming a circle on my hands. but it didn’t itch or hurt. does not cause any effect. I have checked with the doctor and the puskesmas there is no response whatsoever. and I feel it happened when I changed the brand of hand lotion and bath soap but I have changed it like when I was originally not hit it still exists and it doesn’t decrease at all but instead it is getting wider

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Hi Mardhotillah,

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The appearance of whitish stripes on the skin that form a circle can occur, one of which is related to the improper use of skin care products, including hand lotions and bath soaps. Improper use of skin care products can cause skin irritation and peeling. This condition can initially make the skin red. However, once the irritation subsides, it can leave a rather annoying paler colored patch. If this condition is purely the result of improper use of skin care products, this should slowly improve after discontinuing use of these products.

If your complaint still doesn't change even though the skin care product has been stopped, then you need to be aware of other possible conditions that trigger it, including:

Post-inflammatory hypopigmentation (skin that is paler due to previous inflammation)

Vitiligo (damage to cells that produce the pigment melanin)
Pytiriasis alba (appearance of a pale, peeling rash often associated with dry skin or atopic dermatitis)

Contact dermatitis (chronic skin inflammation due to contact with an allergenic or irritating substance)
Tinea versicolor (tinea versicolor)

Cutaneous Candidiasis (yeast infection Candida sp.)

Leprosy (Mycobacterium leprae infection)

Seborrheic dermatitis (skin inflammation that causes the skin to peel like dandruff)

Psoriasis (inflammation of the skin due to an autoimmune disorder that results in thickened, peeling, scaly skin, and so on)

We recommend that, if the complaint is more widespread, you should consult a dermatologist directly for further observation of the possible causes. Chances are, if necessary, the doctor will perform an allergy test or take a tissue sample from the skin for microscopic examination. Handling will later be adjusted to the originator of your complaint.

What you should do at this time is, do not scratch or peel the whitish skin on your hands. Bathe regularly 2 times a day using a soap that is suitable for your skin type. Avoid wearing sweaty clothes or changing clothes with other people. Also avoid contact between the skin and substances that are irritating or allergenic. Protect your skin from sun exposure, for example by using brightly colored clothes and closed, as well as sunscreen.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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