Who Is Most Susceptible To Corona?

Illustration of Who Is Most Susceptible To Corona?
Illustration: Who Is Most Susceptible To Corona?

Hello dokI want to ask if if someone who has no history of traveling to other areas and does not interact with people affected by covid 19 virus, can the virus be infected?

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Corona virus infection can cause symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness, runny nose, sore throat, headache, and chest pain. Transmission of the corona virus so far through saliva splashes or sputum covid sufferers (corona infection disease), including objects exposed to saliva or sputum or sputum sufferers.

Thus, if you have no history of contact with corona-positive patients, patients under surveillance, people in monitoring, or have never traveled to a corona-infected place, then your chances of being infected with corona tend to be low. To see your risk of contracting corona, you can try to answer a few questions here.

To prevent corna infection, you can do the following tips:

 Apply social distancing and as much as possible at home as recommended by the government Avoid places of crowds or crowds or events that involve many people for a while Get used to wash your hands 7 steps with water and soap Bla forced to leave the house, bring hand sanitizer If you are sick, still at home and use a mask when meeting other people Get enough rest Regular exercise Manage stress well Consumption of healthier and more nutritious food Sufficient water needs Avoid touching the face especially the eyes, nose and throat area Avoid shaking hands with others When coughing or sneezing, be sure to do ethics cough: cover with elbows in, close tissue and immediately dispose of, use a mask If you experience symptoms of a mild cold cough, get enough rest at home and consume over-the-counter cold medicines. But if there is a fever for more than 3 days, shortness of breath, coughing up blood, or chest pain, then you are advised to see a doctor so that it can be ascertained and given further treatment.

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