Why After Wearing Glasses Minus The High Vision Becomes Shaded?

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Hello, I’m 47 years old. I just checked my eyes because in my vision there are floating black shadows. The diagnosis is floaters because indeed I have a high minus. I was previously lazy to use glasses even though it was minus 12 because it was complicated for housewives. And the condition after checking the eyes is minus right 16, minus left 14 with each plus also 1.75. I also make glasses according to the minuses because the suggestions from optics cannot be combined. After the glasses were made, the vision became clear, but my vision became shaded. For example, see TV as if there are two, look at the cellphone must be some distance, but the writing is shaded. Small writing becomes unreadable. However, if my eyes are closed one by one it is not shaded and each remains clear. Is that because my eyes haven’t adapted because I didn’t wear glasses before? Or is it the impact of my plus eyes?

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Floaters can be caused by a variety of factors, such as detachment of the rear vitreus, retinal tear, retinal detachment (detachment of the retina from attachment), posterior uveitis (inflammation of the back of the eye), bleeding in the ball eye, or also due to side effects of medication and surgery in the eye. Eye refractive disorders such as myopia (minus eye) and hypermetropia (plus eye) actually do not directly cause floaters. However, severe eye refractive disorders that are not treated properly have a high risk of causing disturbances to the retina and vitreous. These things then can cause the appearance of floaters.

Treatment for severe eye refractive disorders is ideally carried out with surgery, such as LASIK, LASEK, or PRK. With this action, abnormalities on the surface of the cornea of ​​the eye or curvature of the eyeball can be corrected so that vision will be much improved. Not only surgery, other corrective actions, such as with glasses or special contact lenses can also be done, although the results are often not as optimal as surgery.

Your condition that is still hampered by vision due to shading can be caused by impaired refraction of the eye that is not properly corrected, or it can also arise due to other causes, for example astigmatism (cylindrical, including refractive eye disorders), tired eyes (asthenopia), keratoconus, xerophthalmia, cataracts, muscle and nerve disorders around the eyes, brain disorders (such as bleeding, tumors, infections, aneurysms, migraines), and so on.

In order to clearly know the cause of your complaint, you better check yourself first to a doctor or ophthalmologist, right? A sharp examination of vision, slit lamp, to osthalmoscopy can be done by a doctor to determine what the best management needs to be done. At home, you should never give any treatment to your eyes. But just use glasses regularly as your doctor previously recommended. Also, first relax your eyes from tiring activities, for example watching TV, staring at gadgets, driving long distances, or reading small print.

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