Why Are The Veins On My Face More Clearly Visible?

Illustration of Why Are The Veins On My Face More Clearly Visible?
Illustration: Why Are The Veins On My Face More Clearly Visible? usaveinclinics.com

Good afternoon, I have a problem on my face that is the facial veins that are increasingly visible. In the eyelid, on the temple, on the cheeks even now the veins between the neck and chin are becoming more visible. I began to worry because more and more family and close friends were reprimanding that the veins on my face were clearer. What caused it and how to deal with it? Thank you

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Hello Lestia, thank you for your question to HealthReplies.com

Do you mean that the veins on the face are the prominent blood vessels in the face?

Veins are blood vessels that carry blood to the heart. These blood vessels are located deep, some are superficial or close to the skin. Prominent blood vessels on the face are most likely the veins. Protrusion of veins on the face does not always indicate the presence of certain dangers or diseases. This bulging can occur due to several possibilities, for example:

aging / aging significant weight loss stress stress conditions, for example when bowel movements, coughing, exercise, vomiting, etc. headaches tension pregnancy increased blood pressure / hypertension sun exposure or heat blockages in blood vessels etc. If you do not experience any disorders or symptoms that accompanies the protrusion of blood vessels in your face, there is probably nothing you need to worry about. If there are certain symptoms (for example, often experience headaches, visual disturbances, etc.), you experience chronic coughing or frequent vomiting, you should check with your doctor so that further evaluation can be done. If indeed the condition does not cause certain symptoms but you feel it interferes with your appearance, you should consult directly with a dermatologist so that certain therapies can be performed to reduce the appearance of these prominent blood vessels. Actions that can be recommended include electrosurgery (the use of a device that emits electricity to remove prominent blood vessels), sclerotherapy (removing prominent blood vessels by using a special chemical injected into a vein), laser surgery (the use of certain devices that emit laser beam to remove or shrink prominent blood vessels), etc.

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