Why Are There Bumps Around The Nipple Like Being Bitten By An Insect And Feel Pain?

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Why is there a bump around my nipples like being bitten by an insect? 4 days ago wear the usual foam bra in use but when it feels itchy and painful when held. Now it is still painful and painful, itching is no more. That’s why yes, is it dangerous? thank you

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Nipple pain can be caused by a number of factors, such as irritation, infection, or hormonal factors. In most cases the pain of breast pauting usually arises due to hormonal influences such as sata will approach menstrual cycles.

Here are some things that can cause pain in the nipples, including:

Irritation, for example due to skin friction or nipples with the bra used, can trigger irritation causing complaints of itching and pain in the nipple. Skin irritation of the nipple can also arise due to allergies. Symptoms of skin irritation or dermatitis on the nipples include itching, redness or chapped nipples. Friction, for example, when you are on the move or exercising, your nipples rub against your clothes and make them feel sick. Therefore, use the right bra, for example a special bra for exercising. Infection, for example fungal infections of the skin can also occur breast usually will appear rash and itchiness will be more itchy if more sweaty. Mastitis, inflammation of the breast usually often occurs if in nursing mothers due to static breast milk Breast cancer, sore breast nipples can also be caused by breast cancer. Symptoms include a lump in the breast, nipples feel pain, discharge from the nipple when not pregnant or breastfeeding, and breast nipples are drawn in. Because it is important to carry out routine breast examination to detect early breast cancer. To determine whether the condition is dangerous or not, the cause is identified. To find out the cause, it is necessary to conduct further interviews to examine your health and physical examination directly on you, as well as supporting examinations if needed, for example a case of USG and so on. Therefore, if the complaint continues, it should not be left too long and consult the problem with your doctor.

For some, you can do the following to help reduce the symptoms.

Using clothing material in a case of a bra that is made from soft, and that can absorb sweat, and use a bra with the right size and comfortable Avoid using clothes that are too tight Avoid substances that can irritate the skin, such as soap containing a detergent or detergent For pregnant and nursing women You can wear a bra made of cotton so that the air flow in the breast smoothly, and avoid using soap made from hard. Use a moisturizer that is safe to avoid irritation due to friction on the breast nipples. Compress with a cold wet towel on the part that is itchy and painful.

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