Why At 3 Months Gestational Age, Fetal Movements Have Not Yet Felt?

I want nnyaI’ve been pregnant 3 months .. But why my stomach is not hard huh. And the fetus is also not there any signs of movement .. Answer yes

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A fetus of 3 months or 12 weeks in the womb has formed a complete limb. At this age the fetus is able to move inside the uterus, but the movement of the fetus has not been felt by the mother, especially for those who are having their first pregnancy. This is due to the relatively small size of the fetus or the equivalent of an orange. With an ultrasound examination, fetal movements will be more visible.
As we get older, fetal movements will begin to be felt. Generally in the first pregnancy, women will begin to feel fetal movements at the age of 16-20 weeks. Fetal movements will be felt more intensely with the age of the fetus. Entering the third trimester or before birth, the movement will decrease due to increased fetal mass and reduced fetal space.
The stomach does not look hard, the size of the fetus is still relatively small, and the gestational age is still young (first trimester). As pregnancy increases, the size of the fetus increases. The condition also makes the size of the uterus become enlarged to adjust the growth of the fetus. The size of the uterus and the weight of the fetus in it which is increasing is what makes the belly of a pregnant woman seem hard.
Perform regular pregnancy checks according to the schedule at the midwife or obstetrician. besides ultrasound examination can also help you to assess the condition of your fetus in the womb. consume healthy and nutritious food, meet fluid needs, avoid smoking, regular exercise every day that is devoted to pregnant women, avoid stress and fatigue. Do not forget to consume tablets plus blood and folic acid or other multivitamins for pregnant women for the health of your pregnancy.
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