Why Can Neurodermatitis Reappear?

Illustration of Why Can Neurodermatitis Reappear?
Illustration: Why Can Neurodermatitis Reappear?

Doc, I got neurodermatitis a few months ago but it has healed and now it has started appearing again. In addition, my neck was also present but not itchy after smearing the ointment, but sometimes it appeared again. How to overcome this so that neurodermatitis does not appear again? Thank you

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First of all, I want to confirm first, have you really done a doctor's examination and indeed your doctor diagnosed you with neurodermatitis?

Basically, neurodermtitis is a chronic skin disorder characterized by intense itching in certain areas of the skin that causes the skin in the area to be scratched frequently (and will itch more when scratched) so that eventually a thick, scaly placard appears in the area of ​​the skin. . Thickening of the skin is usually permanent and will not disappear. In neurodermatitis a chronic itch-scratching cycle occurs more often at night before going to sleep or when someone is not doing any activity. If the lesions on your skin are not itchy, only appear for a moment, do not appear to thicken, and disappear when treated, chances are you have not neurodermatitis.

To find out more clearly the cause of lesions on your skin, you should be examined directly by a dermatologist. However, given the current corona virus pandemic, the examination is recommended to be postponed if it is not really an emergency. You can treat your skin as you normally do first, and see a dermatologist when the pandemic is over. You can try to look for triggers for lesions (for example certain foods / drinks, certain medications, excessive friction on the skin, air that is too hot or too cold, exposure to sweat or the sun, etc.) and try to avoid these triggers to avoid recurrence of symptoms.

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