Why Coughing Phlegm After Tonsillectomy Risks And Prevention?

Good afternoon, I want to ask on Thursday I finished running tonsillectomy well after my surgery became coughing “and phlegm, even now I still cough “, why is that? continue to be at risk of not being the same as the surgery because when coughing until the surgery is over and how do you prevent it?

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After tonsillectomy (tonsillectomy), it is natural that you experience symptoms of mild inflammation around the throat in the first few days. This inflammation is usually a part of the natural healing process and will improve by itself in less than 1 week with the right treatment and care. Due to postoperative inflammation, sputum can be produced more, so you can experience coughing, lumps in the throat, throat swelling, redness, and various other complaints. As long as the intensity of the complaint is mild, often this condition does not require special treatment, although indeed, excessive coughing after tonsillectomy can cause quite uncomfortable, uncomfortable sensations. You can do the following steps first:

Get plenty of rest (if necessary, bed rest in the first 1 to 3 days after surgery) During sleep, raise your head to your chest Drink more, especially cold, warm, or room temperature Do not consume food or drinks that are too hot Eat easy foods first digested, for example broth, porridge, pudding, oatmeal, juice Do not consume hard, oily, crunchy, spicy foods in the first 1 to 2 weeks after surgery Take post-operative medicine as directed by your doctor Don't smoke Diligently brush your teeth and gargle with solution salt Do not carelessly take other medications without a doctor's advice If within 1 week your complaint does not improve, or if you experience other complaints after surgery, such as bleeding from the mouth, difficulty breathing, fever, and severe pain around the former operation, do not hesitate to check yourself You go back to the ENT doctor or specialist who operated on you before, yes. It is feared, there are other conditions y which complicates your current complaints, such as allergies, viral or bacterial infections, bleeding disorders, and so on.

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