Why Did I Suddenly Pass Out?

Malem, so during the day that I had a fight with my partner, I was lying down while reading the contents of my partner’s cell phone, now I was reading the contents of the chat, I was really weak, my eyes immediately darkened that item, then my ears buzzed I was really faint, I used to pass out during the school ceremony, because I hadn’t eaten yet, so if I happened this afternoon why suddenly I could be like that, and until now my head was dizzy, my ears were still buzzing.

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Hello Zulia, thank you for asking HealthReplies.com

Decreased consciousness or fainting can be caused by various things. One of them is due to vasovagal attack or neurally mediated syncope. This condition is triggered by a sudden drop in blood pressure so that blood flow to the brain is low and causes blurred vision of the eyes such as fainting or even fainting.

Decreased awareness as you experience it can also be caused due to psychological stress. Anxiety, fear, and stress will trigger the symptoms that you experience. Most in this case, the physical examination will not find certain diseases, because it arises because of psychological disorders. In addition it can also be a symptom that you feel arises because of a lack of sugar levels in your body due to your eating late. It can also occur due to lack of fluid intake, causing dehydration.

To reduce the symptoms that you experience, try the following tips:

Have enough rest
Eat a balanced nutritious food
Drink plenty of mineral water, a minimum of 8 glasses per day to avoid dehydration
Limit your intake of caffeine
Treat things more calmly and increase worship
If you feel anxious or panicked, calm yourself down by telling others, or if you want to cry and shout so you feel satisfied
Take a bath or bath in hot water
Do relaxation and if breathing with routine
If the headache is still not gone, you can take pain relievers such as paracetamol which are sold in pharmacies
If the eyes feel blurry, then change your position, from maybe the one who originally slept to sitting

If you have done the above with routine but your complaints have not diminished, or even to faint over and over again with unclear reasons, then check yourself to the doctor. However, during the corona virus pandemic, a hospital check should be postponed until the government has declared that it is safe, because your condition is not an emergency.

I hope this helps


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