Why Did Susan Defecate And Lose Weight So Much?

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, my brother, a 24 year old man, has pain in all parts of his stomach. Pain was felt after eating, felt the stomach was full but it was difficult to expel the wind and burp. R nAlso difficult to defecate. R nWeight dropped drastically and never rose. R nPale skin. But the appetite is still good. R nEver been on an ultrasound but there was no result. R nWhat does it hurt? And how to handle it so that the CHAPTER smoothly? R nThank you

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Hello. Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Although belching is not a serious or dangerous condition, it can cause discomfort. Burping is one way for the body to remove gas / air that is formed in the digestive tract. Gas that builds up in the digestive tract can cause fullness, nausea, bloating or pain in the gut. Some of the factors that can cause someone to burp often include:

Excess consumption of foods / drinks that contain / produce gas, such as nuts, cabbage-type vegetables, fruits such as jackfruit and durian, soda drinks, dairy products, and fatty foods
Swallowing air - chewing food with your mouth open, talking while eating, sleeping with your mouth open, chewing candy, etc.
Eating too much and too fast can also cause gas to build up

GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) - the backflow of stomach acid that rises to the top (esophagus / esophagus)

Dyspepsia syndrome - a collection of symptoms of indigestion with bloating, fullness, nausea, and abdominal pain (heartburn) felt especially after eating

Gastritis - inflammation of the stomach wall

Gastric ulcer / peptic ulcer - wound / infection of the stomach wall by Helicobacter pylori bacteria
Lactose intolerance
Decreased production of digestive enzymes in old age

Ways to reduce belching that can be done are:

Chew food well
Don't eat hastily
Avoid foods / drinks that contain gas, which are acidic or spicy
Eat foods that reduce burp / gas such as turmeric, ginger, fibrous foods, peppermint, pre- / probiotics
Exercise regularly
Eat on time with proportional portions
Take ulcer medications such as over-the-counter antacids if needed

Constipation / difficult bowel movements (bowel movements) is a condition in which the frequency of defecating is less frequent than usual or the stool is difficult to pass. Constipation can be caused by several things such as:

The habit of drinking a little water
Consuming less fiber (vegetables and fruits)
The habit of holding back / delaying the desire to defecate
Lack of exercise
Drinking excess concentrated tea
Excessive stress or anxiety
Side effects of certain medications - blood-boosting drugs containing iron, antacids containing aluminum, antidepressants, pain relievers, etc.

To expedite defecation naturally, do the steps below:

Increase consumption of fibrous foods
Drink lots of water to prevent hard stools
Eat a healthy diet
Exercise regularly
Manage stress well
Do not often delay the urge to defecate

It is difficult to ascertain what is the cause of your condition without doing a physical examination directly, so you should discuss it with the doctor who sent you for an ultrasound examination, so that further evaluation and examination can be carried out. May be useful. Greetings, Dr. Shirly

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