Why Did You Sleep For An Average Of 8 Hours But Still Sleepy Afternoon?

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hello doc I want to ask, I sleep every night I have enough that is an average of 8 hours but why well if I am sleepy all day and make me less productive at the office

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Hi ibnu,

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Sleep is not only a matter of quantity, but also of quality. Even if you sleep enough for 6 to 8 hours a day, if your sleep quality is not good, after waking up, you will not feel refreshed. That is why it will be easier to get sleepy, lazy to indulge, have difficulty concentrating, and experience a variety of other complaints that reduce your productivity at work.

Various conditions can reduce the quality of one's sleep so that it makes you more sleepy (hypersomnia), including changing sleep time, uncomfortable environmental conditions, discomfort in the body (for example pain, tightness, coughing), severe mental pressure ( for example when under stress, panic, fear), an unhealthy lifestyle, side effects of drugs or alcohol, and so on. You need to see yourself directly to a doctor or neurologist if you find your complaint has occurred more than 1 week and make your daily activities very disturbed. That way, the doctor can certainly give you the right treatment in accordance with the underlying cause.

At this time, we recommend that you go through the following efforts:

Make a schedule of regular daily activities, including those related to sleep, wake, eat, and other activities
Before going to bed, condition your bed environment so that it is not glare, not noisy, clean, not hot, not too cold, and comfortable for you to sleep on. Also wear comfortable clothes when sleeping
Keep yourself busy in the morning until late afternoon with positive activities so that you feel tired at night and sleep better
Expand to do relaxation, meditation
Don't be too dizzy and complicated to think about problems
Exercise regularly
Don't eat too close to bedtime
Do not consume excessive caffeine (if necessary, avoid it altogether)
Don't smoke or consume alcohol
Not taking drugs carelessly

Hope this helps ...

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