Why Do Children Blink Often Next?

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, my child is 9 years old and for a month now his right eye likes to blink clearly until his upper cheeks are clearly raised. That reflex happened. If I pay attention, I count every 17-18. And that repeatedly. What is the diagnosis of pain? And what is the solution? Thank you in advance.

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Hello Syarifatul. Thankyou for asking.

From the description of the symptoms given, it is possible that your child has tics on the face. Tics is a muscle movement that is sudden, brief, non-rhythmic, and uncontrolled (although for a short time can be held if someone knows when the tics will arise). Tics are divided into motorized tics and verbal tics. Motor tics are tics of the muscles around the eyes, face, or other body parts. Verbal tics that is when a tics occurs, someone will make certain sounds or words. In general, tics do not indicate a serious illness and in children some cases recover on their own within a few months.

In children there is a transient disorder that occurs briefly, almost every day, for more than 1 month but not longer than 1 year. While the chronic form of this condition is said if it occurs more than 1 year.

There are also those who classify tics in children as a mild form or early form of Tourette's syndrome. This syndrome is a collection of tics symptoms that can occur in children and adults. This syndrome must have both types of tics, namely motor and verbal. The condition will become clearer as the child grows older.

The exact cause of the tics is still unknown. Some conditions that can possibly trigger tics are:

Bell's palsy Disorders or facial nerve damage Genetic factors Disorders during pregnancy Tics can be triggered by stress, excitement, fatigue, heat, certain medications, and can also be accompanied by ADHD and OCD disorders.

The neurologist may examine the electrical activity in the brain (EEG) and muscles (EMG) to find a definitive diagnosis. The doctor may also recommend evaluating one's mental status.

Please consult a doctor directly if after more than a few months there has been no improvement or the symptoms have worsened.

Hope this answer helps. Regards.

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