Why Do Cysts Arise After Post-curettage?

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Good afternoon … On December 15, 2018 yesterday I had a miscarriage u0026amp; directly d curtage due to weak content + ride the motorbike route far. After 6hr, I control the results again, clean. It’s been 2x before menstruation I have a terrible stomachache. Then on May 11, 2019 in the ultrasound there will be ovarian cysts with a diameter of 1.8 * 1.4 … The doctor said sp. Content had to take the drug Vissane for 3 months to be destroyed. Will the cyst be destroyed in the form of blood or fluid? And if later I get pregnant again will experience a weaker uterus again?

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Hello Neng,

Ovarian cysts are the formation of fluid-filled sacs that grow in the ovaries. Ovarian cysts can be functional cysts related to the menstrual cycle, can also be pathological cysts (including endometrioma and polycystic ovary syndrome).

Tests carried out to confirm cysts include ultrasound and blood tests. Meanwhile, cyst management will be adjusted to the patient's condition, can be done with periodic observation, medication, to surgery.

The drug that you mentioned contains dienogest, which is a synthetic hormone that has a progesterone-like effect. Based on research, these drugs can reduce the size of ovarian cysts caused by endometrioma. Later after 3 months the doctor will re-evaluate to see the progress of therapy or treatment results.

I suggest that you follow the advice of the obstetrician who is examining you because the doctor is the one who better understands your current condition. Continue to think positively and control routinely according to the specified schedule.

Related to pregnancy, it cannot be ascertained whether "weak content" and miscarriage will recur or not. There are several triggers for poor uterus and miscarriage, including chromosomal abnormalities, hormonal disorders, infections in pregnant women, history of chronic illness in mothers, smoking and alcohol habits, and cervical incompetence.

If you have previously had a miscarriage, it is advisable to postpone pregnancy at least 3 times the menstrual cycle or more in accordance with the advice of an obstetrician. It is also recommended to control pregnancy regularly so that the condition of the fetus can be monitored. When pregnant you should get enough rest, avoid stress, consume healthy and nutritious food, and avoid cigarette smoke and alcohol. You can discuss the pregnancy program with your obstetrician after the cyst is handled.

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